Press wall

If it matters what's behind you ...

What is "Pop-Up" display?

The pop-up display device has an internal sub-lattice structure, which is essential to handle very well and open a large, stable wall (eg. pop-up wall, pop-up info desk, etc.) Pop up appellation is beacause this quick assembly. A pop-up product is not a multipurpose graphic installation, not applicable, rebuilt, etc. You can only set it up in one of the ways specified in one product specification. However, the graphics can be replaced later!

When do I need a press wall?

If you want to have a well-tried decorated and information wall in a mobile exhibition stand or other event. In addition, you can use mobile advertising wall, screen, back wall and press wall, welcome wall, registration desk, other graphic installation. It is an indispensable item of exhibitions, presentations, customer meetings, standing bets, art exhibitions, show events, or even fixed product presentations.
The products we sell are available with prices and sizes at the following link:

What is Roll-up good for?

There's situations when less is more. There may be such cases where there is not enough room for more advertising or just in a solid way, but it is important to show the advertisement. It performs as well as the stop board. One of the simplest, but the best selling products. The stand is virtually an eternal life guarantee because it does not contain any components that will ruin the long-term use.


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